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Brain Atlas

Marmoset reference atlas packages.


Marmoset brain MRI data.       

Tracer Injection

Connectional architecture of the marmoset prefrontal cortex.

Gene Atlas

Marmoset gene atlas.

Calcium Imaging

Marmoset Calcium Imaging experiments data.       


Marmoset brain electrocorticography data.

Human Brain MRI

Human brain MRI data.

Tracer Injection Experiments

Marmoset Perfrontal Cortex Injection Study

Marmoset tracer experiment.

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Resources and Tools

3D Atlas Viewer

View the Brain/MINDS atlas using 3D Unity viewer.


Brain/MINDS contributed open-source software.


Guidance on how to get started with Brain/MINDS data.


View publications.

Connectivity Matrix

View the connectivity matrix of the Marmoset brain.

2D Image Viewer

View the Brain/MINDS atlas using ZAViewer.

Neuroinformatics Tutorials