New Brain/MINDS Dataset repository

2023-04-21 13:46 JST

Category - News


We are pleased to announce the public availability of the Brain/MINDS Dataset repository powered by GIN and DataLad.

Downloading large dataset archives off the internet can sometimes be cumbersome. Data may often need to be split into several chunks to avoid long-running download operations. Or network instabilities may mean several download tries may be required.

To address these issues, the Brain/MINDS GIN server provides unified access to all datasets with fine granularity (i.e. each files can be retrieved independently) and it also enables convenient command line data access using DataLad. With these services, full datasets can be downloaded in a seamless and automated way.

At the Brain/MINDS Data Portal, each dataset landing page now includes a link to its Brain/MINDS Dataset repository page, and a button to copy the DataLad command line to start retrieving the corresponding dataset.

For further information, please check our detailed page explaining how to use it.

Author : wpadmin