PL Projection: Section Images

This page shows a movie of  coronal section images  generated from 3D reconstructed brain of an individual tracer experiment. The marmoset reference brain is co-registered and overlaid in the movie.

[DataID: 1665, Creator: Mitra Team]


Mitra lab has developed their own fully interactive portal site with user friendly options. Their viewer has the ability to navigate the whole brain on a slice by slice basis, view the entire tissue or several cells under high magnification. Manipulate the dynamic range with RGB and Gamma sliders. Contains embedded cell counting features for ROI, distal measurements and uniform tissue display.

Click to visit Mitra lab’s section viewer (link)

Click for experimental method.

Currently Mitra Team has released the first detailed large-scale systems-level presentation of full resolution microscopic image data from the project which is openly viewable at Marmoset Brain Architecture  (a joined database with Dr. Marcello Rosa at Monash University) .

The Brain Architecture Project CSHL website