Marmoset Structural Map

Integration of experimental brain imaging data into the reference brain space

The Brain/MINDS project aims to integrate macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic structural data in order to create a brain map of the common marmoset. As a first step, here we show the integration of representative macroscopic and mesoscopic images, obtained by MRI and tracer experiments on the reference brain. Data from more experiments are now being integrated, where eventually a complete structural map will be formed.

Neuroinformatics Unit, RIKEN CBS

Yamamori Lab, RIKEN CBS

Okano Lab, RIKEN CBS


  • Quick 3D View

    Synchronous rotation of reference brain, MRI, and tracer data.

  • By Zooming Atlas Viewer

    Tracer and MRI data overlaid in our zooming viewer.

  • Infographic

    Structural map creation.