Marmoset Tracer Projects

Marmoset brain mapping based on tracer injection

Brain/MINDS is making a connection map of the marmoset cortex using anterograde tracer injection with virus vectors. In the first phase of the project (2014-2018), three groups, led by Tetsuo Yamamori, Noritaka Ichinohe, and Partha Mitra, were involved. The Yamamori team used serial two-photon tomography (STPT) for imaging the projections while Ichinohe and Mitra groups both used a digital slide scanner. For accurate 3D registration, all of the tracer-injected brains were imaged with an MRI-scanner before sectioning. The tracer signals were mapped to a reference 3D space, which will be used for integration of cross-modal experiments, including MRI, DTI and histological staining, in addition to the tracer data. In the second phase of the project (2019-2023) the tracer injection work has been consolidated and is continued on by Yamamori Team.

Yamamori Team, RIKEN CBS

Ichinohe Team, National Institute of Neuroscience

Mitra Team, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


  • PFC Projection: 3D Movie

    An example movie to demonstrate the axonal projections from the prefro...

  • TL Projection: 3D Movie

    A sample of the 3D reconstructed marmoset atlas from tracer images.

  • PL Projection: 3D Movie

    The marmoset brain with tracer injection to A46 was processed by seria...

  • PFC Projection: Section Images

    Image stacks for coronal sections of PFC projections

  • TL Projection: Section Images

    Axonal projection maps in the whole marmoset brain.

  • PL Projection: Section Images

    Fully interactive portal site with user friendly options. Ability to n...