Marmoset Tracer Projects

Marmoset brain mapping based on tracer injection

Brain/MINDS is making a connection map of the marmoset cortex based on anterograde tracer injection with virus vectors. In the first phase of the project (2014-2018), three groups, led by Tetsuo Yamamori, Noritaka Ichinohe, and Partha Mitra, were involved. Yamamori group used serial two-photon tomography (STPT) for imaging the projections while Ichinohe and Mitra groups both used a digital slide scanner. For accurate 3D registration, all the tracer-injected brains were imaged with the MRI-scanner before sectioning. The tracer signals are mapped to a reference 3D space, which will be used for integration of cross-modal experiments, including MRI, DTI and histological staining in addition to tracer data. We want to compare fiber tracks revealed by tracer injections and DTI imaging. In the second phase of the project (2019-2023) the tracer injection work has been consolidated and is continued on by Yamamori and Okano’s groups.

Yamamori Lab, RIKEN CBS

Ichinohe Team, RIKEN CBS & National Institute of Neuroscience

Mitra Team, RIKEN CBS & Cold Spring Herbor Laboratory


  • PFC Projection: 3D Movie

    An example movie to demonstrate the axonal projections from the prefro...

  • TL Projection: 3D Movie

    A sample of the 3D reconstructed marmoset atlas from tracer images.

  • PL Projection: 3D Movie

    The marmoset brain with tracer injection to A46 was processed by seria...

  • PFC Projection: Section Images

    Image stacks for coronal sections of PFC projections

  • TL Projection: Section Images

    Axonal projection maps in the whole marmoset brain.

  • PL Projection: Section Images

    Fully interactive portal site with user friendly options. Ability to n...