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Last updated Dec 26, 2021

(1) Serial and 3D views of STPT images

A serial section view for R01_0028

A 3D reconstructed view for R01_0028

(2) 3D movie of "columnar" PFC projections

3D reconstructed view of frontal part of R01_0059 showing highly columnar projection profiles.

Note conspicusous columnar projections within the frontal cortex.

(3) STPT template in coronal section views.

(4) 3D movie of corticostriatal projections

Overlay of Left Striatal projections for #21, 46, 30.

(5) Columnar cortical projections from the marmoset PFC

Three-dimensional presentation of the cortical projections from a PFC injection (A8aD) in the standard reference space. White matter signals are shown in red.

(6) Contralateral columnar projection in 3D

Three-dimensional reconstitution of the contralateral projections at high resolution.

(7)Focal and Spread Corticostriatal projections

Three-dimensional reconstitution of the corticostriatal projections. Focal and Spread type projections are visualized in turn for representative samples.